Inspiring Botanical Drinks, Mixers, and Elixirs
Healthy beverages for Littles and Adults from the Garden and Hedgerow

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In this video course you will learn how to make healthy beverages that will help you break away from sodas and sugary drinks or plain, boring water

  • Even if you have a two or three soda-a-day habit
  • Even if the kids are home and you keep running out of ice and ideas
  • Even if you struggle to get enough fluids in your body because of the heat
  • Even if you are watching your macros, your carbs, or your waistline
  • Even if you have food sensitivities or allergies
  • Even if the rising price of food and drink has you making tough decisions about where to cut costs

If you are making more food at home and watching your budget but go to the same bottled beverages day in and day out, this class will inspire you to up your game in the beverage category with healthy and creative options, that are also kind to your budget.  

What we cover:

How to increase your nutrition and the antioxidants in your diet with healthy plant-based beverages. 

How to save money over buying bottled sodas, bistro coffees, and fancy lattes

The hidden sugars in commercial, canned beverage products and how consuming them affects your health

How to make botanical infusions to use as a basis for healthier beverages

How to make traditional beverages like switchel, shrubs, and lemonade to replenish electrolytes in the heat

Using herbs and garden produce to create exciting and innovative drink mixers, elixirs, and cordials for pennies

How to make herbal bitters and use them to improve your health, get rid of stomach aches, and even use them in cocktails and drink mixes

How to use your botanical creations to make cocktails and mocktails with exciting and enticing flavors

How to use your botanical blends to make fun ice pops and other thirst quenching blends that will keep both kids and adults happy

How to make delicious herbal elixirs, cordials, and liqueurs for gifts, for trades, and for barter

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Frequently asked questions:
  • Is this a video class?
    The class is presented in video format. There are also audio recordings and a pdf of each slide deck so you'll be able to learn in the best format for your personal learning style.
  • How long do we have access to the recordings?
    You'll have access to the recordings as long as they exist at the link provided to you, in the email you receive after your purchase. Your access will not expire.
  • How long is the course?
    This comprehensive course is made up of 5 modules that cover:
    The health dangers of many commercial beverages including some that we thought were healthy, like "vitamin water".
    How to make healthier alternatives at home
    How to satisfy your thirst in healthy but still delicious ways
    How to craft tasty herbal beverages and mixers that are suitable for gifting, trade, and barter.
  • Who is the instructor?
    Herbalist, author, and teacher, Chris Dalziel.

    Chris is the founder of the popular websites, and Chris empowers her readers to grow their own food and preserve it so that they can confidently provide for their families. She is a teacher, author, gardener, herbalist and homesteader. Chris believes in giving her students a quick win because each quick win builds confidence and empowers self-reliance.

    Chris' published books include, The DIY Herbal from Seed to Apothecary, The Beeswax Workshop, and The Dehydrator Cookbook for Beginners. Chris and her husband live in British Columbia, Canada with 2 dogs, 2 cats and thousands of honeybees.
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Included in your ticket are these bonuses 

How to Make Green and Red Vitamin Supplements from the Garden -- mini-workshop.

We think this video class is awesome but don't take our word for it.  Here's what our students are saying...

What an amazing course! Chris is such a great teacher.  Everything is explained and the take action items are easy to follow and not overly time consuming. If you are looking for new and fun ways to increase your herbal usage in your every day or need to brush up on things you already knew but may have forgotten about, I HIGHLY recommend the Botanical Drinks course. You won't regret it!!

Tammy Lentz

This course packed so much into the outline without overwhelming the participant (ME). I highly recommend anyone to take this as I have found it to be extremely beneficial and a very well thought out course. I am so glad that I was able to take part in this.  

Jennifer Jacobs.

I loved this class! So much information that was completely new to me. I have so many more options now. My boring water with mushy fruit has just transformed into refreshing, good for me drinks. The bonus class was very informative as well.   Who knew you could take your weeds and turn them into super green powders.  Thank you, Chris, for putting together another wonderful learning tool.

Florence Pantele

At the beginning of the course I knew almost nothing about homemade beverages, elixirs, and liqueurs or even if they could be used for health benefits. I have a feeling that my family will be much healthier from this summer onwards.  Thank you very much for this course and for the dedicated time.  I love it! 

Milica Ivonavic

I love it.  As a pharmacist and herbalist-in-training I always wanted to create and invent new herbal drinks so that my patients could health themselves.  Thanks to this course, I can do that. :D 

Sandra Nwankwo