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Learn herbalism within a community so that you can confidently use natural remedies for health and wellness

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In the DIY Herbal Fellowship membership you'll learn:

How to grow culinary and medicinal herbs in your garden

How to harvest herbs at the peak of potency and preserve them for future use

How to make herbal tinctures, teas, salves, and other herbal medicines

Which herbs to use for different health challenges

How to identify herbs in the wild and forage safely

How to use herbs to cope with stress naturally

How to make herbal meads and other fermented foods

How to use local herbs and create community resilience

How to expand your herbal skills to serve the needs of a community

How to prepare a customized herbal apothecary for self reliance and security

Antiviral and antibiotic herbal alternatives you can make at home

And so much more....

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Included in your membership:

A brand new monthly masterclass focused on one aspect of herbal study

Full access to the Herb of the Month 30 Day Journey  focusing on one herb at time, to help you get to know individual herbs in an intimate way to build your confidence.

A printable/workbook/recipe book that you can print out or keep in your digital library as a reference, to help you master what you are learning in the monthly masterclasses.

A monthly coaching call over zoom, where you can get your questions answered, share insights, and learn together with your fellow members.

A monthly social time over zoom to get to know your fellow members, in a low key, fun, way.

Access to a complete library of 52 masterclasses focused on family and community herbalism to help you master the skills of herbalism at your own pace.  

Anatomy and physiology masterclasses for herbalists and healers 

Self care and family herbalism masterclasses

Herb gardening masterclasses to inform your self reliance

Foraging masterclasses to help you identify herbs in the wild and safely harvest local herbs for food and medicine.

Herbal medicine making masterclasses and tutorials to help you make safe and effective herbal medicines and ditch the drugstore.

Quarterly challenges to help keep you on track and keep your apothecary well stocked.

Access to a full digital library of workbooks, recipe books, and printables to further your personal study, hands on learning, and mastery of herb gardening, foraging, making herbal medicine, and using herbs for wellness.

Full access to 24 previous Herb of the Month 30 Day journeys, allowing you to pick the herb of the month that is most relevant to where you are personally, and your growing season.

A private Facebook group to ask questions, get feed back, and establish relationships with your fellow herb enthusiasts to further your herbal mentorship.

A personal road map to help you get started immediately and further your herbal journey in a systematic way, so that you don't get lost or overwhelmed as you make monthly progress..

We think this membership is awesome but don't take our word for it. Here's what our members are saying...

It's 100% worth it.  Chris is an incredible mentor, with so much knowledge.  She knows how to break it down for newbies and yet has enough meat for people who are further along in their own understanding of herbalism

It's an incredible herb community where we can encourage and learn from each other.

The masterclasses have much variety and yet connect to one another the way plants and people connect.

My personal confidence in my herbal allies has increased 100 fold.  I know I have a lot more to learn, but I am confident in the basics. And when I am not confident I have this incredible group to turn to.

Tammy Lentz
 DIY Herbal Fellowship Member

Chris synthesizes the plethora of herbal information out there so you get well organized content you can trust.  Content is delivered in a variety of formats (visual, auditory, live events, and more) to suit most, if not all, learning styles. The lessons encourage and inspire hands on learning in your kitchen and at your leisure.

Chris is 100% committed to her students, providing constant and responsive support on a daily basis.

Michelle Marie 
DIY Herbal Fellowship Member

Chris is an incredible mentor and invaluable resource in times of trouble.   I have three autoimmune conditions that I must take medications for ...With Chris' teachings I know how to prevent hair loss, settle my stomach, and create soaps and lotions to soothe my skin from the ravages of both my illness and the medications that are hopefully putting them into remission.

Founding member, DIY Herbal Fellowship