Get to know your herbal allies by studying one herb at a time
The Herb of the Month Club leads you on a 30 day journey to get to know your herbal allies by studying one medicinal plant each month in detail, engaging all your senses, building your confidence, through hands on learning.   

Go on a monthly quest to build your confidence, so you can learn to rely on your herbal allies 

Invest just 5 to 15 minutes a day of hands on, guided exercises to gain knowledge of each month's herbal ally.

Learn how to grow, forage, or find each month's herb 

Study the historical context of the medicinal and/or culinary uses of each herb

Create a materia medica for long term reference

Study the modern scientific studies and evaluate their methodology and conclusions

Engage your senses both logically and intuitively to get to know each herb well so that you can use it confidently

Stir up some recipes using your new herbal ally for focused, hands-on learning -- we look at both culinary uses and medicinal uses for each herb, as appropriate

If you are ready to go on a guided journey that takes just 5 to 15 minutes a day to grow in your knowledge of the wild herbs and garden herbs growing around you, so you can use them for healing, whenever you need them, you're ready for the 
DIY Herb of the Month Club

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Here's What You Get:

  • A monthly downloadable guide (digital) focused on one medicinal herb each month.  The guide gives you a step by step plan for the month and helps you make the most with the small time investment you’ve committed to — usually no more than 5 to 15 minutes a day. (You can print it if you want to)
  • A printable game board to help you map your accomplishments and see your progress visually
  • Downloadable, printable badges to help you mark your progress through the month
  • A short video class to help you navigate through the monthly guide and see where you’re going
  • Access to ALL previous Herb of the Month classes so you can pick the herbs that are available in your climate and study them in your garden, if you want to.  There's more than 24 herbs to choose from, and it grows every month.
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    We think this membership rocks, but don't take our word for it.

    "Chris synthesizes the plethora of herbal information out there so you get well-organized content that you can trust. Content is delivered in a variety of formats (visual, auditory, live events and more) to suit most if not all learning styles. The lessons encourage and inspire hands on learning in your kitchen at your leisure. Chris is 100% committed to her students, providing constant and responsive support on a daily basis. The online private facebook community is an awesome resource unto itself and is icing on an already well baked cake."

    Member DIY Herbal Fellowship

    My personal confidence in herbal allies has increased 100 fold. I know I have A LOT more to learn, but I am confident in the basics. And when I'm not confident I have this incredible group to turn to.

    Join today!!! You won't be sorry!! ♥️

    Tammy Lentz
    Member, DIY Herbal Fellowship